Thursday, June 10, 2010

it all depends

i squirm in my sleep
i squirm like a bad dream
there's something eating me
like a bird devours a worm
speaking of worms
i wriggle the way one does
when disemboweled with
the side of one's shoe

i do a horizontal jitterbug
while in between my cotton print
i begin to
none of which escape my lips

i lay in a cold sweat.
my eyes pry open with crowbars
as i wait for them to adjust
to the ninja black surroundings,
i pay attention to the rhythm of
my heart as it reverberates in
my chest
it speeds and slows
like a lead-foot driver
without cruise control

speaking of control
i lay on the verge of losing it
my mind reflects on the frigid feeling
of the porcelain
the thought of the tiles causes my
being to shiver, despite the warmth
that shields me

i hear a faint sound rising
from below me and remember
that i am not alone

the bathroom from the top bunk
seems to be more than 17.2 miles
away and there is a dragon that
guards the door
a sharp pain penetrates my lower
abdomen the way a crash test
hits a red brick wall

on the scale from 1 to urgent
my urgency is over the top

as i inch my way to the foot of the
i remember that my decision
no longer depends on all this
it doesn't depend
on the 17.2 miles nor the serpent
that protects the dungeon

it depends on the Depends that
are so dependable
hugging my hips tighter than
a hippy would hug an endangered tree
my body relaxes as i let it all loose
and drift back to sleep in the warmth
of my own pee.

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