Friday, July 2, 2010

i wove webs tonight

tonight i wove webs.
shining, silky ones.
there was a dew hanging from them.
the memory of the night was
etched in them and could not
be erased like a child's handprint
in plaster to remind us of their
everlasting innocence.

i wove through lights of cars that
looked like stars and i was
going warp speed.

i wove an intricate and complex pattern
in the baskets.
the impeccable designs
told of love and hate
peace and war,
good and evil,
beauty and disgust,
but mostly love.

mostly love.
i wove webs tonight.
the kind that could catch you
hold you
cling to you
embrace you
and want to do so forever.
now, if only you would fly by...


  1. Love this. This web sounds like something I would love to get caught in.

  2. very nice erik wynn. welcome to the blogging world.


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