Saturday, October 2, 2010


sometimes i feel like driving
driving so far up that the stars
look like ants or
like little people when they
look like ants when peering
out of the 38th floor window.

driving so fast that 83 cheetahs combined
at the speed of 72 mph,
by 15 million lightyears
are eating sandwiches
from the dust in which i leave them.

sometimes i feel like driving through
tunnels that lead to the heart of the earth,
in other words,
that is where everything is made,
therefore it is the heart,
making these tunnels
through which i drive
the veins that pump me through.

sometimes i feel like driving.
driving an automobile so
carefully constructed
with regret and riding on
of a new tomorrow.
taking me places that
we never spoke of in our
fairytale dreams,
because they were "too good to be true."

sometimes i feel like driving with no
road maps nor routes to restrict me,
no predetermined destination
other than that of complex equations
inside your beautiful head.

sometimes i feel like driving.
driving over the fallen autumn leaves
of our memories,
hearing each one crunch under
the tires as i speed away,
fast enough for a reckless driving citation,
in a 500 mph zone.

i tell you that sometimes i feel like driving,
but my car is blocked in tonight.
so for now

i guess i'll stay

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